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                                 What the Force Point Bridge System is all about

  1. The Force Point Counting is easy, explicit and very accurate.
  2. Discovering the exact partner’s distribution with up to 8 cards in the Basic suit and using SCOR (SHAPE,COLOR,RANK) Convention for discovering the length of the side suits. The Bidding Mechanisms for discovering the exact shape and strength with balanced hands and for the two-suitors (bi-colors) hands, are original and effective.
  3. Checking for the exact game’s play level insure all contracts.
  4. Finding the exact number of all partner’s TOP Honors with one question – one answer saves a huge bidding space.
  5. Discovering the exact color of the important TOP Honors (the Kings and the Queens, even the Aces if you want) allow securing all Grand Slams.

What more you will need before placing the final contract when you will be able to see through the back of the cards of your partner the length of the colors and where are the TOP Honors ?

Be sincerely at least to yourself, nothing else. It like a Double Dummy Bidding, and that why it is almost perfect. To destroy it, the Opponents must jump on 3rd level in spades immediately and even raise to 4th level. Here is coming the “Penalty Rule of 13”, an original count for the Opponents down tricks.

Just learn how to do that. You will need 3 months to become a Bidding Expert for playing live or 3 days to start Force Point playing on Internet if you use the separate Sysnotes computer program for fast visual checking of the flowing particular Fp and most of the Opponents’ bids for every game. The program will free up hours of time for you to spend learning the system by reading the book only! The Sysnotes program is like a book, you can browse it entering your and opponents'bids with the mouse to find the appropriate bids in conjunction with your distribution very fast. 

 Whether it’s the copy on a research or a personalized offer on a particular product, you’ll have the ability to receive unique, highly impact-full content allowing you to differentiate this bridge system from the competition.

Sysnotes computer program is used for visual observation of Force Point® bids, which will assist any bridge players in BBO or any other bridge site by the time of play. The computer program is like a book and may be installed on any Windows based phones, tablets or computer, and you may go through it by using your pen or mouse for fast finding the appropriate Fp bids along with the most of the Opponents' bids and overcalls. The program uses a massive 33 MB data file which was filled and corrected for the last 30 years and comes with 8 hours of free explanations in BBO how to use it (if you need it at all).

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      The purpose of this eBook is to teach the bridge players how to find all possible Slams even with 20 HCP in both hands when the distribution allows that using the Force Point explicit bridge bidding system.

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                  Holiday Sale: Every year  from Thanksgiving to New Year
 Buy "Slam after Slam with Force Point" color eBook & receive a B & W epub version for mobile devices for free

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      Force Point system will allow you to discover the exact partner's distribution, the exact strength, and if you want to play a SLAM, the exact TOP Honors and where they are. When you play on Internet you can open the program and start using Fp immediately until you become familiar with it for playing on live Tournament. For any question send an email to: to arrange additional free explanations in BBO.  

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NOTE: The book "Slam after Slam with Force Point" is distributed by Amazon, Barnes & Noble, bookstores and libraries. The cost of the black & white paper book - 1st edition is $19.99 + tax. The cost of the black & white hard copy is 29.99 + tax. The PDF color eBook we cell here for $13.05 (tax included) is fully corrected and always updated with the last discovers.

      To be able to find the players' contract tricks use the Fp Counting:
Singleton Ace = 2.0 tricks, Ace = 1.5, King = 1.0, Queen = 0.5, Void = 1.0, Any Singleton (except Singleton Ace) = 0.5, JTx = 0.25
For long 7+ card suits use the Formula: 0.5 * (n - 6), where "n" are the number of the cards in the long suit
For 6+/5+ bi-color use the Formula: 0.5 * (m - 10), where "m" is the sum of the cards in both bi-color suits
       The player's contract tricks, called also Base Number (B#) is: The sum of the player's tricks minus 2
       The game's PL = sum of both partners' B#s + Adjustments (if any)
 - For 9 Trump cards in both hands add 0.5, for 10+ Trump cards in both hands add 1.0
 - For 7 Trumps in both hands subtract 0.5 for a Major Trump or subtract 1.0 for a Minor Trump
 - For a "good" Void add 1.0  (a Void opposite small cards up to J), for a "bad" Void subtract 1.0 (a Void opposite 2 TOP Honors)
 - For a "good Singleton add 0.5, for a "bad" Singleton subtract 0.5 (a Singleton opposite 2 TOP Honors)
 - For 3 or 4 Jacks or for J + JT in a balanced hands only add 0.5
 - For Ax + Ax or for AK opposite xx add 0.5
 - For a side 5 by 3 FIT or 5 by 2 Misfit with all 3 TOP Honors add 1.0, for a side 5 by 2 Misfit with 2 Controls add 0.5
NOTE: NT game's Play Level (PL) = suit game's PL if you have any 5 by 3 FIT, otherwise it is 1 below
              Never make more than 2 positive Adjustments !

Control Points (CP), aka Controls:
      Count an Ace or a Void for 6 Controls, a King or a Singleton for 4 Controls (do not duplicate a King opposite a Singleton)
NOTE: The Void can be count for 10 Controls if you are sure that opposite the Void there is not any Control)
 - With a PL > = 6.0  &  32 to 36 CP you have a 50% Small Slam (a finesse Slam), but must play such Small SLAMS
 - With a PL > = 6.5  &  32 to 36 CP you have statistically a 100% Small Slam with very high probability
 - With a PL > = 7.5  &  40+ CP you must play a GRAND SLAM
 - With a PL > = 8.0  &  40+ CP you have a NT GRAND SLAM although you may be in doubt

     Show me another bridge system on the world that is capable to reach the contract on the bottom with such confidence.
                      Fp bids explanation:
1c = 1 or more contract tricks, any shape, Forcing
1d = max 0 contract tricks, any shape   NOTE: The contract tricks are the tricks over the initial 6 tricks which are not counted
1h = 2 or more contract tricks, Ask for the overall shape, Forcing  /  NOTE: East actually has 4.5 contract tricks
2d = exactly 0 contract tricks, 5+ card diamond suit
Pass = Pass-Relay, Ask for side suits, Forcing
4c = 5th step answer by SCOR-SCOR Convention (including Pass & DBL) for showing 6 card d suit + RANK side suits + Void,     so 3=4=6=0 or 4=3=6=0 distribution
Pass = Pass-Relay, Ask for the 2nd longest suit, Forcing
5s = 4=3=6=0 exact shape
5n = Fp Josephine, Ask directly for the color of the TOP Honors  /  NOTE: Pass will be Pass-Relay asking for Controls
6h = 3rd step answer by SCOR for 2 RANK Queens or h King  / NOTE: Because of previously shown exactly 0 contract tricks
7h = The Play Level (PL) = 0 + 4.5 + 1.0 (for 10 Trumps) + 1.0 (for good Void in d) + 1.0 (for good Void in c) = 7.5 for 99% GRAND
xx = Showing confidence
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