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      An almost perfect Bidding is not easy although I have tried to make it easier. To eliminate the mistakes pay special attention to Fp Counting, the strength of the 1st Relay, SCOR - SCOR Convention and the new Bidding for discovering the exact partner's distribution with 5 to 8 cards long suits up to 4DI bid, which is already implemented in Sysnotes computer program and in the 3rd edition of the PDF eBook "Slam after Slam with Force Point"
       Using Sysnotes computer program you may start playing Fp bridge system on Internet almost immediately after no more than 4 hours of free explanation in BBO how to use the program. For live Tournaments you will need 3 months to prepare for playing Fp system without using Sysnotes.
       Sysnotes computer program will help you to learn Fp bridge system much faster. So, you decide what you need !

Fp System Developer
: Mr. Pawell Boiew

 Force Point Counting
      To be able to find the players' contract tricks use the Fp Counting:
Singleton Ace = 2.0 tricks, Ace = 1.5, King = 1.0, Queen = 0.5, Void = 1.0, Any Singleton (except Singleton Ace) = 0.5, JTx = 0.25
For a long 7+ card suits use the Formula: 0.5 * (n - 6), where "n" are the number of the cards in the long suit
For 6+/5+ bi-color use the Formula: 0.5 * (m - 10), where "m" is the sum of the cards in both bi-color suits
       The player's contract tricks, called also Base Number (B#) is: The sum of the player's tricks minus 2
       The game's PL = sum of both partners' B#s + Adjustments (if any)
 - For 9 Trump cards in both hands add 0.5, for 10+ Trump cards in both hands add 1.0
 - For 7 Trumps in both hands subtract 0.5 for a Major Trump or subtract 1.0 for a Minor Trump
 - For a "good" Void add 1.0  (a Void opposite small cards up to J), for a "bad" Void subtract 1.0 (a Void opposite 2 TOP Honors)
 - For a "good Singleton add 0.5, for a "bad" Singleton subtract 0.5 (a Singleton opposite 2 TOP Honors)
 - For 3 or 4 Jacks or for J + JT in a balanced hands only add 0.5
 - For Ax + Ax or for AK opposite xx add 0.5
 - For a side 5 by 3 FIT or 5 by 2 Misfit with all 3 TOP Honors add 1.0, for a side 5 by 2 Misfit with 2 Controls add 0.5
NOTE: NT game's Play Level (PL) = suit game's PL if you have any 5 by 3 FIT, otherwise it is 1 below
              Never make more than 2 positive Adjustments !

Control Points Asking (CPA): Count any Ace or any Void for 6 CP, and any King or any Singleton for 4 CP (do not duplicate the count of opposite Honor and pseudo Control). Before you answer for CP, subtract CP = 4*B#, your partner will do the same.
With PL >= 6.5 and 32 to 36 CP you have a Small Slam with very high probability (30 CP with good FIT + good side Misfit / FIT)
With PL = 6.0 you have 50% Small Slam, a finesse Slam & you must play such Small Slams
With PL >= 7.5 and 40+ CP go for a Grand Slam. Do not try any Grand Slams with PL < 7.5 or with CP < 40 !
With PL >= 8.0 and 40+ CP, you have with a high probability a NT GRAND SLAM

NOTE: 38 CP are impossible like a combination between Aces & Kings, so if you discover them, you have somewhere a duplication of a real Control & a pseudo Control (a Void or a Singleton), so lower immediately your CP with at least 4 CP !

   To find your Base Number (B#), which represent your contract tricks, count all your Honor and Distributional points and then subtract 2. The sum of both partners' B#s along with some Adjustments on the fly by the time of the Bidding (if any), will supply to you the game's Play Level (PL)

1CL = B(2.5)+, any                                           1HE = B(0.5)+, any, Relay. Ask for the strength or / and the length of the club suit
1NT= B(2.5 - 4.5), exactly 5 card CL suit         2CL = B1+, Relay, Ask for the side suits by the SCOR Convention (SHAPE COLOR RANK)
2DI = 1st step answer for SHAPE side suits    2HE = Relay. Ask for the 2nd longest suit / exact shape
2SP = 4135 exact shape                                   2NT = Relay. Ask for the strength
3DI = 2nd step answer for exactly B3               3HE = Relay. Ask for the TOP Honors. The PL = 3 + 2 + 0.5 (for the "good" Singleton) = 5.5
4CL = 3rd step answer for 6 CP (2 CP for any step)
                                                                                      West Thinking: The East's Total CP = 4*B# + 6 = 16 (2 Aces + 1 King), along with a Singleton & a Queen (or 2 Queens if there is no Singleton), but East gave an impossible answer, because I have 3 Queens, & Fp system NEVER scans Singleton Queens, so East must have a King + 2 JTx combinations (each by 0.25 count), obviously in SP + CL !

                                                                           4 DI = Relay. Ask for the suit of the King (or for suits of the Kings & the Queens by SCOR, if West didn't discovered the unusual

5CL = 4th step answer for King & Queen in one suit or for the King of Clubs
                                                                            The final PL (after the Adjustments) = 3.0 + 2.0 + 0.5 (for the "good" Singleton) + 1.0 (for a good side Misfit in diamond) = 6.5, The Total CP = 16 + 4 (for HE Singleton) + 10 = 30, so it looks like EW have a finesse Slam.

                                                                            6 CL = Sign Off on 6th Level. Never give up with Fp !
All Pass

NOTE: West may ask with 5DI Relay for the suits of the Aces by SCOR, but sometimes that information is less important. If West decide to ask, the answer will be: 5SP = 2nd step by SCOR for 2 COLOR Aces

ForcePoint Counting, Sysnotes & eBook "Slam after Slam with Force Point"
Ver: 7.4.17
Written by: Bidding Expert
61-10 ALDERTON ST Apt P2
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ASP Member=
Release Date: 08/31/2017
Release Status: New Release
File Sizes: Fp Counting program 2.5 MB Sysnotes (System Notes) program 1.6 MB
Sysnotes Data file 32 MB & growing 
Type: Free & Commercial
Cost: Force Point Counting Demo: FREE
Fp Sysnotes computer program $26
eBook "Slam after Slam with Force Point" $13         All taxes included in the shown prices.

Bridge Counting by Fp Elementary Rules.
 - The Fp Counting include all Honors & Distributional points. If you subtract 2 you will receive your contract tricks, aka your Base Number (B#). The sum of both partners` B#s will provide to you the game's Play Level (PL) for the FIT suit. 
 - The Adjustments (if any), which you may make on the fly by the time of the Bidding, will secure your final PL
 - Use the CPA to find your partner's TOP Honors by number and the kind with One Question - One Answer only !
No one bridge system in the world has such tremendous weapon like the Control Points Asking (CPA) !

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